I Will Always Love You (When I'm Alone)

This song was inspired by the movie "Brokeback Mountain". Based on a short story by Annie Proulx, the movie depicted the consequences of forbidden gay love in a small western town in what I remember as the 1950's. The song is universal, and for the many years that I've played it (it was written in 2005), it has always resonated with people. I recorded it in 2007 on "The Vigil" with Greta Gertler Gold on piano and backing vocals. While I loved that recording, I was not completely satisfied with my vocal performance and when the opportunity came up to work with Greta in a larger capacity, I suggested we re-record it. Shortly before I heard the finished arrangements, Greta asked me if I was open to making it into a duet with a male vocalist. I agreed and was very pleased to discover she had chosen Rod Alonzo, an old friend who is a very fine songwriter. I feel his contribution really makes the song.

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  • Ahmad


    Nice one.

    Nice one.

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