Mom and Ellen

When my mom died, she "gave" me many of the songs that are on "The Beacon", including the framework for "Forever You Go", the seventh track on the album. The song languished for months - I had the hook, which in its original incarnation was "WHEREVER You Go", a far more generic title, and some of the lyrics and a half-formed bridge but I couldn't crack the code on it after months of trying so I put it aside.

That fall, my beautiful former sister-in-law Ellen died unexpectedly. I put a picture of her on my fridge and one evening as I passed by, she "looked" at me and told me what to do. I ran downstairs to the piano and followed her instructions to the letter. The song was re-christened "Forever You Go" and the remaining lyrics and bridge melody were magically supplied.

In this way, I feel this song was a collaboration among the three of us. Thanks, mom and Ellen...

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