Today, According to Pooh

I have a Post-It with the following quote from A.A. Milne's Winnie-the-Pooh: "What day is it?" asked Pooh. "It's today" squeaked Piglet. "My favorite day", said Pooh. I love that! That really sums it up. And today I've woken up with a good feeling about playing the piano - I have a new one - the old white one suddenly requested release from our arrangement - I woke up one morning and heard the call to let her move on. I resisted at first - I couldn't understand why, but I trusted the instruction and I went outside in my slippers and my neighbor, the musician and teacher Lily White, emerged from her house, and I asked her if she knew anyone who needed a piano and she pointed up the street and said, "That kid - he's coming here for a lesson - he just moved here and needs a piano". !!! So I invited 10 year old Max and his mom down into my basement studio and I gave him the piano - they carted it away a few days later. I cried and cried - I had written all of "And The Ride Has Just Begun" on that piano and most of "The Beacon". I had taught many kids on that piano and I couldn't understand why I had to let it go. But then I realized it was associated with my "old" life, before the divorce from my second husband, and I started to feel confident that it would be ok. I got out my guitar and started transposing some of the piano songs to that instrument and that gave me a little more confidence. And then I forgot about it. A little while later, as Todd and I were about to move into our new house, Todd said he saw a piano advertised at Big Reuse, the incredible all-kinds-of-junk-and-reclaimed-lumber place in Gowanus. I KNEW! I raced down there and played "Birdie" as I call her - she is a Kranich & Bach spinet from the 1930's I think - she INSISTS on strong playing - she has a big voice and a no-holds-barred disposition. Best of all, and what sold me completely, when I lifted the lid I saw a beautiful insignia of a golden crane - DONE! I bought her, and a wonderful woman with a team of strong-like-ox dudes moved her to our basement and now we are in love!!!

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