What Excites Me Now

What excites me now is just being alive! And when I think about music, I think about playing piano in the center of a large clearing in a forest with foxes and other nighttime animals staring at me with yellow eyes at the edge of twilight. I really enjoy the freedom music gives me and the incredible connection with the cosmos.

These days, I feel like an AVA - an Audio Visual Artist. I like making recordings and I like making videos and I like being an artist, whatever that means - I guess it just means someone who likes to create as much stuff as they can out of their heap of life experiences and THAT is something we are all capable of.

Will I perform live again? I don't know. I am waiting to hear a call on that - so far, I have the occasional image of me singing at The Owl Music Parlor or Barbes and we shall see - anything is possible! I want to communicate, that's for sure, and I sure love using music as the medium.



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